Aeration Windmills

Reasons To Aerate

>Pond Aeration Improves the Quality of the Water>

An aerator improves water quality by circulating the water, thus stabilizing pH balances. It also reduces alkalinity and removes excess carbon dioxide. If your pond is deprived of oxygen, sediments at the bottom release gasses and metals that compromise the waters cleanliness. Proper aeration releases many of those gases and metals at the oxygen-water interface. 

>Aeration Reduces Pond Algae in Three Ways>

1 Reduces Algae Exposure to Sunlight

2 increased Concentrated Levels of Phosphorus 

3 Maintains Proper Levels of Dissolved Oxygen

>Aids in Decomposing Unwanted  Bacteria

Aeration circulates oxygen through the entire pond. The oxygen helps to decomposes bacteria whether it’s floating on the surface or settled at the bottom of the pond. When the algae in the pond die off, bacteria move in to decompose the dead algae. The oxygen speeds up this process. The algae decompose more quickly and create fewer harmful byproducts.

>Makes the Pond Inhospitable for Mosquitoes